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Toddy Tapping

Traditional Toddy Tapping

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Traditional Toddy Tapping

‘Toddy’, being the star of this whole experience is a local arrack, extracted after fermenting the sap of the coconut’s flower.  It is an authentic cultural production of arrack here in Sri Lanka, rarely seen in the modernity of todays world. Known to be quite dangerous and high in terms of difficulty, the process of obtaining the coconut flower can only be performed by highly skilled locals, who have been training for this occupation since childhood.

The Toddy Tapping experience!

Here at Dutch Trails, we provide a raw, cultural experience from the demonstration of obtaining the coconut flower, to extracting the sap, fermenting it, and presenting it as an arrack. A live presentation is granted, finishing with a tasting of the freshly extracted Toddy. This experience is likely to provide you with a more advanced knowledge about the cultures of Sri Lanka as well.

A traditional experience like no other!

Taste the sweet toddy, carrying the roots of Sri Lankan culture, enhancing your flavorful Sri Lankan experience.


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