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Kayaking at Lagoon

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Dutch Trails aims to provide an exceptionally exciting and exhilarating experience near a scenic, lagoon environment.  Consisting of a range of thrilling activities in the outdoors, Dutch Trails offers a beautiful kayaking experience through the sunrise and sunset, being an ideal place to relax, unwind and take in the serene view of the green island with family and friends. Whilst inhaling the fresh, salty breeze, and letting the wind brush against you in the boastfully convenient location, we provide a kayaking experience like no other. Paddling through the Negombo lagoon, site-seeing different islands and going through jungles consisting of  abundant mangroves, making memories that will be cherished forever.


Whatever age or whatever ability, kayaking is known to be a brilliant water activity for all! Whilst also involving the fitness aspect, it accentuates the divine tranquility of the green atmosphere, allowing the passenger to truly grasp the treasures that nature has to offer. Paddling through the sunrise or sunset allows for a magnificent view amidst the calm waters of the lagoon, meeting local fisherman, fish hopping around, and birds fleeting in their natural habitat. A journey across the Negombo lagoon, including an experienced kayaking guide, safety measures and equipment, is ensured, giving the paddler an opportunity to interact with the lagoon surroundings and get a feel for the rapids. Engaging your mind and core muscles when paddling, opens up the body and soul to a calm and peaceful state of mind, allowing a successful journey across the lagoon.

Enjoy the greatest kayaking trips in the country

Paddle through the sunrise and sunset whilst inhaling the fresh, salty lagoon breeze at Dutch Trails!

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Convenient location

Dutch Trails is located in a non-industrial, calm environment without the buzz and noise of the city. At the entrance, a jungle like area leads to the Dutch Trails ground, surrounding the salty waters of the lagoon. The fresh, tropical atmosphere in this location offers tranquility and a place to let loose, relax and release your mind from the busy, work-environment that the city emphasizes on. Away from the industrial zone, Dutch trails allows your mind and body to be set free and appear in one with nature’s tranquil settings.



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