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Tropical Fish Spa

Experience our tropical fish spa in Dutch trails, containing a fish species called Garra Rufa, also known as “doctor fish”, that exfoliates and freshens your ski

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Air gun rifling is a popular country game which is known to be very addictive. If you've got a keen eye, and are looking to improve your steady hand, trying out air

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Bring your friends or family and enjoy a friendly, competitive round of archery at Dutch Trails. A fun-filled session, allowing all participants to take part in an e

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The thrilling experience of waiting on the other end of the hook for a fish to be caught, whilst engaging in conversation with your friends, around the beautiful tro

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Toddy Tapping

'Toddy', being the star of this whole experience is a local arrack, extracted after fermenting the sap of the coconut's flower.  It is an authentic cultural product

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The leisure Boat Trip

The leisure boat cruise provided by Dutch trails allows you ,your family and friends to be entertained by the beautiful sites surrounding the lagoon. An aesthetic vi

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Dining Boats

Dutch Trails incorporates dining whilst floating through the waters of the beautiful blue lagoon. We provide a more scenic and thrilling dining experience, that will

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naturally luxurious camping

Camping at Dutch Trails facilitates a luxurious yet natural setting, where the adventurous, country-side portrays the natural aspect of it, while the tents provide t

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Sunrise, Sunset kayaking

Dutch Trails aims to provide an exceptionally exciting and exhilarating experience near a scenic, lagoon environment.  Consisting of a range of thrilling activities

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