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Dining Boats

Dutch Trails incorporates dining whilst floating through the waters of the beautiful blue lagoon. We provide a more scenic and thrilling dining experience, that w

Play and Relax

Great place of unforgettable memories, lots of activities for very reasonable price. Dutchtrails is great for physical and mental health. We assure the fullest en


Camping at Dutch Trails facilitates a luxurious yet natural setting, where the adventurous, country-side portrays the natural aspect of it, while the tents provid

Boat Trips

Sail across the Negombo Lagoon and enjoy a panoramic view of the waters and greenery, including a tour guide. A bird-watching experience, a trip to an isolated is


Enjoy the greatest kayaking trips in the country. Boasting a convenient location by the lagoon. Dutch trails is an ideal spot to bring in your friends and family!