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Lagoon Front (Max 12, Min 4 People)
Beach Front (Max 8 People)
Isolated Island (Max 8 People)

Camping at Dutch Trails facilitates a luxurious yet natural setting, where the adventurous, country-side portrays the natural aspect of it, while the tents provide the luxury. Waking up to the sunrise is a crucial part of this camping experience, followed up ideally with the kayaking experience that Dutch Trails provides. The spectacular view and relaxed ambience of the lagoon, along with the divine awakening of the sun, can be guaranteed the most blissful way to awake. With the soothing aura of relaxing sounds of the lagoon water swaying too and fro, the birds chirping melodiously, an the indescribable beauty that is the lagoon view, Dutch Trails is definitely a must try camping site for you!

Followings are included.

  • Welcome Drink
  • Refresh Towels
  • Traditional Breakfast
  • Clam Harvesting
  • House Keeping
  • Free Drinking Water

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