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Traditional Fishing, Leisure, Aquaculture, Bird Watching - Semi Luxury Boat (Per Person)
$ 25.00
Sea Fishing - Local Boat (Per Trip)
$ 250.00
Sea Fishing - Luxury Boat (Per Trip)
$ 650.00
River Fishing - Semi Luxury Boat (Per Trip)
$ 250.00

Boat Trips In The Lagoon!

Sail across the Negombo Lagoon and enjoy a panoramic view of the waters and greenery, including a tour guide. A bird-watching experience, a trip to an isolated island, including a colorful description of how nearby activities such as clam harvesting takes place, will be provided. Safety is also ensured as a lifeguard will be present at all times.

The Soothing Boat-Trip Experience

The leisure boat cruise provided by Dutch trails allows you ,your family and friends to be entertained by the beautiful sites surrounding the lagoon. An aesthetic view of different kinds of trees and plants, as well as island animals part of this environmental setting. Floating through the lagoon water allows for mental and physical relaxation, providing a calming journey across the lagoon. Our boat-man will take you to the most incredible nature-spots. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss out!

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