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A perfect hide-out within the suburbs of Colombo

A warm welcome to Dutch Trails

Sri Lanka is know for it’s remarkable waterway systems. The ancient kings concentrated on water and treated as one of the most precious gifts from the mother nature. Our beloved land is blessed with abounded number of ways, natural tanks and waterfalls.

About Dutch Trails

One key element we could offer to the world is the natural beauty of our island country. No wonder that many who visits describes it as “Paradise on earth.”

The western coastal line of Sri Lanka, where Dutch trails is located is full with hidden wonders and not much exploited by the nature lovers. In today’s lives, it is extremely difficult to find time for relaxation and put away stress. People tend to seek possibilities to spend time with their family and friends whenever is possible. Additionally, the entire world is going through a rough time – no exception to the residence of these areas. There’s much to offer from the lagoon, the canal, the marshy lands, and the people who resides within this area of abandon resources.

“Sustainable Growth” is one of the key taglines we at Dutch Trails strongly believes. It was our childhood dream to bring forth all elements together and offer something natural and exquisite.

Linking what the mother nature blessed us with and what the people of these area can offer, we present you a beautiful possibility to be a part of nature and take your minds away from day-to-day stress.

The possibilities we offer could be enjoyed among family, friends or event as corporate level who want to build their brotherly bonds.

A Brief History

In the history of Sri Lanka, foreign occupancy has taken place several times. The Portuguese, the Dutch and the English have contributed to enhance these element within their business interests.

In the early 17th century, the Portuguese initiated the construction of the Canal, and around the 18th century, the Dutch commenced the construction of a series of structures, dams and canals using and enhancing the original system of waterways.  It was an attempt to drain the salt water from the rice fields and to transport cinnamon in barges through to the seaport at Negombo.

In 1796 the British took control of the island and in 1802 a new Colombo-Negombo canal was built, conceived by George Atkinson.


What People are Saying

Kayaking at lagoon

The Negombo Lagoon’s calm waters offers you the safe heaven like no other place.

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Authentic Dining

We Created best dinning experience for you & your family best dinning experience

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Introducing ‘fishing on a boat’, ‘deep-sea fishing’, and our newest feature, which is ‘fishing on a kayak’

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Dining Boats

Reserve your personal dining boat with Dutch trails and float the calm waters in Negombo

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